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The Edirol R-44 is designed for professional use within a very conveniently sized package. Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths (16-bit or 24-bit) and sampling frequencies (44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz). R-44 employs SD cards or large capacity SDHC cards as the recording media. No moving parts enables the most silent and reliable operation possible.





  • 4 Channel Recording
  • Up to uncompressed 24-bit / 192 kHz linear PCM (Stereo)
  • Supports SDHC large capacity media
  • Light-weight 1.3kg compact body
  • AA batteries for 4 hours of recording
Take advantage of tapeless acquisition in even the roughest conditions by recording in DV & HDV. Users of the DN-400 can make capturing a thing of the past enjoying confident native DV & HDV recording while monitoring on a standard video monitor (SD Only). Once you have completed your recording simply eject the harddrive carrier, for easy connection via standard USB connector to your NLE system - it is as easy as that!

Digital HD V.C.R. HDV 1080i

ImageThe Perfect Choice for Cost-effective HD Productions. Additional powerful features such as a built-in 2.7-inch*2 type, 16:9 LCD monitor and an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output for more demanding production environments. enable users to record and play back video in a choice of formats - HDV 1080i, DVCAM-TM, and DV.

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