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Portable 4 Channel Recorder with Superior Sound Quality and SMPTE Time Code sync function

The R-4 Pro shares the R-4's rugged construction, robust feature set and great sound quality, but the R-4 Pro also includes AES/EBU support, SMPTE time code and superb electronics. Record up to four channels at 24-bit 96KHz and monitor each channel discretely. The durable DC input jack allows for industry-standard battery packs to extend your record time. Its 80GB hard drive will store up to 116 hours of high quality audio. You can plug in any standard USB drive and enjoy fast back-ups of your projects. Like the R-4, the R-4 Pro has on-board effects and WAV editing features. Geared for pro videographers and recordists, the R-4 Pro delivers professional sound and features in a package that everyone can afford.

  • SMPTE Time Code In/Out for Video Sync
  • 4 Channel Recording
  • 24 bit / 192 kHz Resolution
  • 80GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Instant backup via USB 2.0
  • Direct Connection with Computer
  • Wave Editing Function

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