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Tapeless, file based video acquisition has many advantages over traditional tape. Recording times are far longer, there are no drop-outs and using Datavideo's Direct to Timeline technology, you will speed up the process from acquisition to editing. This thanks to quicker file transfer, rather than slow traditional capturing from tape. The Datavideo DN-60 utilizes the latest solid state technology of removable and high-capacity CF memory cards, providing hours of continuous high definition recordings, enabling you to take advantage of tapeless acquisition in even the toughest environments.

The Datavideo DN-60 is powered by four traditional or rechargeable AA batteries, a set of batteries provide approximately two hours continuous recording, depending on the type of battery used. Datavideo have also included an external power supply for when you are near a power outlet.The DN-60 can easily be set up for FAT32 or NTFS file systems; as well as DV PAL, DV NTSC, DVC Pro 25, DVC Pro 50 and HDV (1280x720p or 1440x1080i) also.  The DN 60 connects directly to your existing DV, HDV camcorder or digital IEEE-1394 devise via a single FireWire cable.

Use the DN-60's "sync to tape" feature which automatically powers the recorder on, and synchronises record start/stop with your camera. *The unit can also be set up to record standard definition PAL / NTSC Time Lapse sequences at a variety of intervals, or buffer live video - press record within 8 seconds of an event and you can be confident that you have recorded that must have shot.

Once recorded drag and drop your chosen video files directly to the time-line of your Non-Linear Editing program using popular DV file types such as Microsoft AVI type 2, Canopus AVI, QuickTime MOV and MXF (OP 1A) as well as M2T in HDV mode.

With this many useful features the DN-60 is ideal for a variety applications within broadcast, education, animation, science, medical, construction and security.

Datavideo DN-60



  • Small, easy to carry and camera mountable Compact Flash recorder only 160g / 5.7oz
  • Removeable CF card, compatible with FAT32 & NTFS file systems, NTFS formatting eliminates 2GB file size
  • Input Connections: IEEE-1394 supports DV25, DVC Pro 25, DVC Pro 50 and HDV
  • Embedded External or Internal Time Code
  • Output Connections: IEEE-1394 in playback can supply DV, DVC Pro and HDV signals to the camera
  • Allows recording to Microsoft AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime DV MOV, MXF OP1A and M2T file formats directly
  • * Time-lapse in DV25 mode, single or multi frame recording at user defined intervals
  • 4 or 8 seconds pre-record buffer, never miss a shoot again
  • Control Interface RS-232 compatible with Sony Protocol
  • IEEE-1394 connection supports AVC command set via PC and Mac FW400 connections
  • DN-60 can be controlled directly by the camera, including auto power on, when the connected camera is switched on

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