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Stream MultiScreen TS system is designed for real time playback and control of several MPEG TS (SPTS/MPTS) streams simultaneously on one or several computer screens (plasmas, LCD-television sets). The ability to create random video window configurations, place audio indicators and display other informational elements on the monitor allows to configure the system for carrying out any operating tasks. Stream MultiScreen TS also manages incoming video and audio signal parameters, and provides relevant messages and alerts.

Stream MultiScreen unique difference, which is also its advantage in comparison with traditional multiviewers, is not only the reception and display of video/audio signals, but also the complete analysis and monitoring of the parameters of each entry signal.


  • Satellite TV apparatus rooms
  • Cable network apparatus rooms
  • IPTV network apparatus rooms


Content playout, on-air text and graphics design server

TELE is a robust content playout and on-air text and graphics design server.

TELE software provides TV-studio broadcasting automation by scheduling the programs output, inserting regional advertisement into central channel broadcasting line-up, adding titles, overlaying stills and logos, generating clocks display and much more.

The application does not require any additional equipment (synchronizers, mixers, transcoders, nonlinear editing systems, etc.) and allows to execute graphic information, video and audio overlay directly over the pass through signal.

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