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5D-ii/O/P7 inch field monitor with high resolution LCD and both HDMI input and output.

5D-ii is Lilliput's most advanced 7" monitor, built for the pro-video road warrior. Including unique features such as 1:1 pixel mapping, peaking and foldable sun-hood/screen protector, 5D-ii offers advanced functionality in an easy-to-use, great value monitor.

These extras are squeezed into an slim field monitor. The high resolution LCD, 1:1 pixel mapping and 800:1 contrast ratio provides users with the most accurate picture of all Lilliput monitors.


4/5 star award in Amateur Photographer
5D-ii was reviewed in the 29 September 2012 issue of Amateur Photographer magazine, and was awarded a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The reviewer, Damien Demolder, praised the 5D-ii as 'a first rate screen that offers very good value compared to the Sony competitor' and commented that the 'high resolution and punchy contrast... provides a really excellent view of what you are about to photograph.'

7 inch monitor with wide screen aspect ratio

5D-ii has a high resolution, wide screen 7" LCD: the perfect combination for DSLR use and the ideal size to fit neatly in a camera bag. Customers looking for a smaller screen size may be interested in Lilliput's 5 inch monitor.

Optimised for DSLR cameras
Compact size, 1:1 pixel mapping, and peaking functionality are the perfect complements to your DSLR camera's features.

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