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HD/SD Video Switcher

The Datavideo SE-3000 is a 16 input HD & SD live production switcher, with an impressive amount of professional features including, touch screen interface to select effecters, and other settings like colour adjustment and keying.

Other advanced features include; extensive 3D DVEs, high quality multi screen multi-view output, chromakey, dual PiP, multi-language support and a full size control panel keyboard as well PC control interface.

An added interesting and powerful feature is the "Flex Source®" effect, which is similar to having a second M/E, for advanced vision mixing.

Datavideo SE-3000



Processor Unit

Datavideo SE-3000

8 Channel SD Mixer / Switcher

Datavideo SE-900 is a modular 8-channel SD switcher with a feature set that may be expanded with additional input cards and accessories. The two piece unit consists of a 19-inch rack mountable main frame, that holds up to 8 input cards, and a control panel. The modular switcher accepts a mix of 8 SD input of your choice including DV, SDI, YUV and Composite Video. Standard outputs include DV, SDI, YUV, S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video.

ImageMixer / Switchers SE-800AV 4 Input Analogue Mixer / Switcher

4 Channel Analogue Vision Mixer, Seemless mixing or switching between any input, Dual channel TBC with Y.U.V, 4:2:2 Frame Synchroniser, Built in RGB Colour Processor with Memory, Programmable Mosaic Effects with Joystick Positioning, Digital effects include: A/B Rolls, A/B Dissolves, Chroma- Keying, Mosaics, PIP, Strobes, Fades and Wipes.

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