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ImageAnalogue Video Mixer/Switcher

With many years experience, and great success with the SE-800 Digital Vision Mixer, Datavideo is proud to introduce the SE-500, an analogue input, digital processing video switcher. The SE-500 includes 4 groups of video input (4 x composite and 4 x S-Video), 4 channels audio mixer, 2 microphone inputs, color correction, digital video transition effects, MIDI control interface, RS-232 remote control interface and many more professional features. Additionally, the SE-500 includes a truly unique feature Quad Preview. This preview output displays both tally light signals, and next video effects indicator. The operator can use one single monitor to observe four video input sources, camera activities, and video transition effects. The SE-500 has all the popular features of many more expensive mixers and it is extremely compact in size. With the Datavideo DAC-6 (DV to Composite, Y/C, and Component converter), VP-314 (DV Repeater), and 10, 20, and 40 meter DV cables, you may use DV cameras to switch video up to 200 meter away.

No Genlock Required
Dual Channel Time Base Corrector and 4:2:2 frame synchronizer built in. There is no need to run external sync to this switcher.

In schools, outdoor activities, seminars, small studios, clubs, pubs etc, one single camera isn't enough to capture the action. In school productions for example, two cameras are facing toward the stage and another camera is roving, to capture different angles and audience reaction. You need three cameras all together (commonly called three camera video production or a three camera shoot). A video switcher perfectly fits in with this scenario.

However, when everybody is talking about digital video right now; does that mean you need a digital video switcher? Is Analog equipment out of date? What about those S-VHS cameras, Betacam cameras, and Video 8 cameras? No more uses anymore? Should I throw them away? Off course not, in such activities, what the user actually needs is a high quality, simple to operate, multi input video switcher with an affordable price.


  • Digital Processor, high image quality
  • Backlit Switches
  • T-Bar control of digital video effect transitions
  • Four inputs of S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video
  • Optional YUV Input
  • RS232 remote control
  • MIDI control interface
  • Tally output
  • Two microphone channels with one auxilary input audio mixer
  • Colour processor for video correction
  • Quad video preview monitor output with tally indeicators on TV screen
  • Digital video effects: Split, PIP, Wipe, Fade, Dissolve, Quad, and Freeze

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