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Video Production, Karaoke Lounge, Corporate or personal tape making


  • 4 video inputs-2 composites and 2 S-Video.
  • 2-channel full-field digital synchronization.
  • Special effects in each of A/B program buses.
  • 2 Video inputs mixable with composite and S-Video sources.
  • 2 Audio/Video and S-Video recording outputs.
  • Digital effects-Still, Strobe, Mosaic, Paint, Negative.
  • Chroma key and Luminance key.
  • Selective size and position for digital effects area and PIP windows.
  • Picture in Picture control. (3 window sizes)
  • Joystick control for altering the position of digital effect.
  • 96 wipe patterns.
  • 8 different selective back colors- White, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red, Blue, Black.
  • Fade control for Video and Audio.
  • Video and Audio mixing.
  • 50 dB S/N ratio.
  • Compatible with Cypress CPT-370 PC to Video Overlay.

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