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(All the technical indexes below are under indoor temperature 25℃)

  • Frequency range: 48 MHz - 870 MHz
  • Frequency resolution ratio: 50KHZ
  • Measured band width: 280KHZ
  • Level Measurement
    Measurement range: 30dBuV-120dBuV
    Measurement accuracy: <± 1.5dB
    Resolution ratio: 0.1dB
    Method of detection: Peak detection
    Input resistance: 75 ohm
  • TILT Measurement
    Measurement accuracy:  +2dB
  • Voltage Measurement
    Input range: 30-80V AC/DC
    Measurement accuracy : ± 2V
    Resolution ratio: 0.1 V

Power Supply:
(For different countries and areas, the specs may be different)

  • DC power supply: DC7.2V/1.5Ah(Built-in rechargeable battery)
  • AC power supply: AC 220V/50Hz±10%(9V charger)

Working Conditions:

  • Storage temperature: -10 - +50℃
  • Storage humidity: 40%-80%RH
  • Recharge the battery once after stored over 6 months
  • Avoid mechanical vibration and punching.

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