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  • All digital display, channel ,frequency and Signal Level measurement
  • Carrier-noise ratio measurement
  • TV sound monitoring
  • Measurement of Trunk line Voltage
  • VIDEO AUDIO carrier frequency switchover and carrier- difference measurement
  • 48MHz - 870MHz
  • Channel. frequency level measurement


  • Channel/frequency
    Frequency range: 48MHz - 870MHz
    Chinese standard channel: 1CH-56CH
    Supplement channel: Z1CH-Z43CH
    Frequency resolution ratio: 10KHz
    Measured band width: 280KHz

  • Level measurement
    Range: 25dBv-120dBuv
    Measurement accuracy: +2dB
    Resolution ratio: 0.1dB
    Method of detection: peak detection
    Impedance: 75Ω

  • Carrier-noise ratio(C/N)
    Input range: >70dBuv
    Accuracy: +2dBuv

  • Voltage measurement
    Input range: 0-80V(AC/DC)
    Measurement accuracy: +2V
    Resolution ratio: 1V

All the above technical indexes are under indoor temperature (25oC)


  • Working temperature: -10 oC - 45oC
  • Audio output: build-in speaker, numerical-controlled


  • DC power: DC7.2V chargeable battery
  • AC power: AC220/50HZ+10% OR AC110/50HZ+10%
  • Working time of battery: consecutive working hour >5 hour(fully charged)
  • Charging time: 8 hours

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