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  • VHF/UHF 1kW Solid-State TV TransmitterWith all-solid-state circuit design and combined transmission of video/audio carrier, convenient to upgrade to digital TV transmitter.
  • With dual professional TV exciters for optional demands and advanced RF non-linearity correction technology are able to guarantee the reliability and stability of TV signal transmitter and low transmitting signal distortion. The hot-plug power units could backup each other, ensure that there is no single fault of transmitter.
  • New type output filter (low-pass or band pass available).With adopted high-power synthesis technology, low insertion loss, high out-of-band suppression.
  • Local or remote control, friendly man-machine interface by microcomputer unit, it can display and control the operating mode of exciters, power amplifier units and transmitter, with GSM message auto alarm module, and fixed timing starting up and shutdown functions.
  • With self intellectual property rights. Develop power amplifier, power combiner, monitoring system independently.
  • Wide voltage stability range and high efficiency of power supply.
  • With over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, over-excitation, low-voltage, absent-phase, short-circuit and over-VSWR auto-protective functions; with multiple-measure of thunder-proof, it could run securely.
  • Forced-air-cooling design with low power consumption and low noise.
  • All technical specifications can meet or exceed the national and ministry standards.




Rated Output Power


RF Specifications

Television Standards

PAL-D or other standards

Frequency Range


(Select one channel)

470MHz~806MHz ( Select one  channel)

Video/Audio Ratio


Output Impedance


Output Interface


Frequency Stability


Output Power Variation


Inside-band Inter-modulation


Stray Output In Adjacent-channel

≤-60dB and ≤1mW

Stray Output Out Adjacent-channel


Video Specifications

Input Level

1 Vp-p

Input Impedance


Input Return Loss


Modulation Mode

AM, negative polarity

Percentage of Modulation


Field-time Waveform Distortion


Line-time Waveform Distortion


2T Sine-squared Pulse Distortion


Luminance Non-linearity Distortion


Blacking Level Variation


Differential Gain


Differential Phase


C/L Gain Inequality


C/L Delay Inequality


Stochastic Sundry Wave S/N Ratio

Root-Mean-Square Value, unweighted: ≥48dB

Root-Mean-Square Value, weighted: ≥56dB

Periodic Disturbance S/N Ratio

Peak-to-peak value: ≥48dB

Audio Specifications

Input Level


Input Impedance

600Ω (Bal.) or  ≥2KΩ (Unb.)

Modulation Mode




Frequency Deviation


Harmonic Distortion

≤1%(30Hz~15KHz)(100% Modulated)

Amplitude-Frequency Characteristic

±1.5dB(30Hz~15KHz, pre-emphasis:50us)(50% Modulated)

FM S/N Ratio

≥58dB (1KHz,100% Modulated)

AM Noise

≤-46dB (Unmodulated)

Inner-carrier Noise

≤-40dB (100% Modulated)

Sync parasitic Am Modulation S/N


Video to Audio Intermodulation


Environmental Factors

Working Temperature



Relative Humidity

<95%(No condensation at 25℃)


Atmosphere Pressure




Forced air cooling


Power Supply

single phase;AC;220V\±20%;50Hz±10%


Machine Room




Few dust, No oscillation and impact


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