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  • Considered various application environment and conditions, and the device is designed with high reliability to realize all-weathers and unattended and nobody monitor.
  • With high-power broad frequency band synthesis technology, adopted LDMOS high-power FET of power amplifier module, the devices redundancy is high. Nonlinear feed correction technology, make the device extremely high linear and reliable.
  • ALC circuit guarantees power output stable, which ensures the stability, reliability and excellent performance of device.
  • Intelligentized controlling and remote monitoring functions, could configure and monitor equipment parameters through RS-232 interface support SNMP protocol optional. With GSM message autoalarm module, and fixed timing starting up and shutdown functions.
  • Casting aluminum alloy body, with outdoor style, windproof, rainproof and lightning proof functions.
  • Alarming and monitoring functions, which could be displayed by LED in front panel.
  • Wide voltage stability range and high efficiency of power supply.
  • With over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, over-excitation, low-voltage, absent-phase, short-circuit and over-VSWR auto-protective functions; with multiple-measure of thunder-proof, it could run securely.

Fundamental Parameters

Television Standards

Comply with DTMB/DVB-T/DVB-C standards

Frequency Bandwidth


Rated Output Power

1W~200Wrms (Depend on coverage range)

Output Impedance

50 Ω, Output Connecter: N type

Output Power Variation


Out-of-band Suppression


Input Characteristics

Input Frequency


Input Level


Input Return Loss


Input Connector

‘N’ type/socket

Output Characteristics

RF Output Power


Output Frequency


Output Impedance

50 Ω’

Phase Noise

≤-110dBc (10kHz 1M Bandwidth)



Modulation Error Ratio


Output Signal Shoulder and Out-of-band Rejection

>37dB@ IF 4.2MHz/CH

Output Return Loss


Environmental Factors

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

<95%(No condensation at 25℃)


Forced air cooling with built-in fan

Atmosphere Pressure


Power Supply


Machine Room

Few dust, No oscillation and impact


100W:300(H)×450(W)×600(D) mm3

(Depends on power classes)

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