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A USB Enabled Premium Audio Conferencing Solution


A complete conference room solution with flexibility in mind. The INTERACT AT includes all the necessary audio equipment and peripherals for any conference room while delivering exceptional audio quality at an affordable price. Customize your solution with multiple microphones and speaker options, direct connection to enterprise telephones, USB audio, a room controller, plus the ability to connect to the rich-media systems.


The INTERACT AT is a complete room conference solution that includes all necessary audio components for conferencing. Multiple bundles are available to match various room applications. Main components of the solution include:

  • INTERACT AT mixer- Audio conferencing mixer with integrated 9-AEC channels, 2 Line Input/Output, Telephone interface and integrated amplifier.
  • INTERACT MIC - INTERACT MIC is a microphone pod with 3-elements providing a complete 360 degree coverage. Audio from Interact Mic is sent to mixer via single Cat 5 cable using a digital transport method. A total of 3-Interact Mic devices can be used with a single mixer.
  • INTERACT MIC EX - INTERACT MIC EX is a microphone breakout device allowing up to three external microphone connection per unit.
  • The INTERACT MIC EX has 3-XLR connectors and built in microphone pre-amp and phantom power for direct interface to any professional microphone. A total of 3-INTERACT MIC EX devices can be used with a single mixer.

Note: The total number of microphone devices supported by the Interact AT mixer is three. It can be any combination of Interact Mic or Interact Mic Ex devices

  • INTERACT COM - The Interact COM is a audio interface device that can be used with either the Interact AT or Interact Pro systems. The device provides interfaces for USB audio and Headset Audio associated with Enterprise Telephone sets. Additional features include a GPIO port and optional Wireless base station for use with Dialer.
  • INTERACT DIALER - The Interact Dialer is a tabletop controller for complete control of the room audio. Includes both wired and wireless options.

INTERACT Software Application - The Interact Software is a Windows base application for programming, configuration, and control of the Interact Pro and Interact AT systems



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