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ImageAlong with the development of digital cameras, HDV, DVCAM and other mini-cameras are being used more frequently in movie and tv production. Ultra-light Knight D201 is an ideal support device for mini cameras, which better renders the advantages of the lightness, speed and high flexibility of the cameras.
Knight D 201 consists of arm, sled and vest. Load capacity ranges from3lbs to 11lbs and fits all the mainstream professional cameras and Dvs.
ImageHandheld DV has been widely used in news report, documentary, and movie shooting because of its lightweight, convenience and high flexibility. To satisfy cameramen’s pursuit for high-quality pictures, Movcam provides handheld lightweight Handfiner 350, which can help you get perfectly professional pictures with ease. Elaborately modified on the basis of the professional design of Knight D 201, Handfiner 350 is a quasi-professional gear. The technical core of Handfiner 350 is its gimbal which ensures easy and comfortable operation. Its handle is integrated with the gimbal. So, during the shooting process, the handle can turn freely and quickly and at the same time reduces effectively the shakes and bumps in shooting. Thus, smooth and natural pictures can be easily acquired. The mount of Handfiner 350 can be adjusted precisely, side to side and back and fore, so that the horizontal balance of the camera can be quickly adjusted. Counterweight blocks can be added to the bottom so as to adjust to cameras or DVs of different weights. Structurally, Handfiner 350 consists of a dual direction mount, a precision gimbaled-handle, a foldable lower moduleand a post. It is strong and flexible. The main material is enhanced aluminium alloy. Another outstanding advantage of Handfiner 350 is its potential possibilities of updating. Through buying updating accessories for Handfiner 350, you can update your Handfiner 350 into the professional Knight D 201.
ImageMovcam provides advanced supplies not only for the professionals, but also for the enthusiasts. Handfiner 190 is a new gift especially for those people. It is light, small and foldable. Ergonomical design allows more effective shooting. The pictures are perfect and smooth even when the operator is running. Creative shooting derives from the great flexibility of the equipment. Handfiner 190 is simple-structured: a highly compatible mounting stage for DV (also HDV), a gimbaled handle, and blocks It looks graceful and fashionable. Handfiner 190 greatly develops the potential in camera steadying products and enriches canera performance. Speed is essential to capture picture. Handfiner 190 can achieve the best motion picture effect never seen before.

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