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Quick Overview

- Ultra Small & Light
- Waterproof Sports Action Camera
- HD 1080P@30FPS&720P@60FPS
- 120 Degree Wide Angle
- Metal Shell

Sports Action Camera mini F9 Brief Introduction:

(1) Waterproof. It's applicable to all kinds of extreme outdoor weather.

(2) Metal solid aluminum shell. It's applicable to all kinds of extreme risk.

(3) The built-in motor, alert working conditions by vibrating.

(4) Ultra small size, ultra light weight, and easy to carry.

(5) Full HD 1080p video.

(6) Several holders for bike, helmet, body, car etc....

In order to preferably play the maximum efficiency of vehicle traveling data recorder, please read carefully before use this manual (the machine and accessories design and specifications were subject to change without prior notice).

- Ultra small size, ultra wide Angle of 120 degrees high resolution camera perfect combination design, more convenient in various occasions with multi-angle,
1080p high analytic-al video shooting.
- Built-in 1/4 inch of low noise high quality photosensitive element, can capture
ultra clear picture in darker occasion.
- Aluminum alloy waterproof design, more suitable for outdoor extreme risk
- Built-in lithium electricity, function of taking video as charging.
- Built-in microphone
- Built-in vibration motor, vibration prompt working condition
- Support high capacity TF card

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