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Datavideo MS-3000 instantly transforms any space into a complete live recording studio. As a powerful PPU (portable production unit) it is ideal for fast-turnaround productions. MS-3000 can be used in a dedicated facility, ad hoc studio or in a van.

With high strength wheels, it can quickly roll into a vehicle for easy transportation.

In an easy-to-use configuration, MS-3000 houses a production switcher that supports up to 16 HD/SDI, 10 bit 4:2:2 video inputs, together with flip-out monitors, hard drive video recorders, intercom systems, video test and measurement devices and much more. All are enclosed in a 16U moveable flight case providing secure protection on the move.

The MS-3000 is truly plug-and-play, saving time and effort setting up, a video production console for live concerts, live events, sports and conferences.


  • Complete live and recording production unit
  • Convert a van into an OB truck
  • Instantly turn a room into a studio
  • 16 / 8 Channel HD mixer (SE-3000)
  • Select Datavideo modules of your choice, including data recorders, flip-out HD monitors, test and measurement appliances, Intercom systems, multi-camera controller, audio delay box... and much mor


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