Tungsten Filament Light

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Introduction :

Tungsten Filament Spot Light (FD-W150 FD-W300/500 FD-W650 FD-W1000 FD-W2000 ) This series features high illumination, even gradual-changing beam, evident light spot and flood, compact structure and aesthetic configuration etc. This compact style could be the best option when you need a tungsten filament spot light with small volume, light weight and high efficiency of illumination. It is especially suitable for small and medium size studio & film rooms with limited area and height.

Usage Cautions:


1. Please do ensure the lamp´s watt, voltage and model are all accorded with this light´s

technical requirements before installing a bulb. When installing the bulb, please press down

the back-end of the locking button for front cover door 1 (see diagram) firstly, and front cover

door is opened accordingly. Wrench lamp socket locking handle which is in the front of light

socket at the released position of the left side, and insert the bulb into the socket (To avoid

affecting the bulb´s illuminating effect, please do not touch the bulb glass by your hands or

skin). Then wrench the locking handle to the right tightly. At last please close the front cover

door to finish installation.


2. Do not clean the dust on the reflector surface by your hands directly or dirty cloth. To ensure

a well optical performance, please whisk the dust lightly by a feather duster or wipe by lens

cleaning paper with water-free alcohol.


3. When the light is on work, please do not directly touch the light body by hands in order to

avoid scalding.


4. To ensure safe for you and other people, please do not forget to equip the light with a

ground wire when it is in use.

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