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DV Series Rocker
DV Series Rocker: DV4 m / DV5 m / DV6 m
Design Concept: Wind of super-segmented arm round the body, a unique tripod design can be substantially flexible.
Electronic control system: 1 / slip-ring electric control head: slip-ring to achieve horizontal and vertical rotation unlimited
System; import low-speed motor, bearing 6KG.
Control handle: horizontal, vertical, infinitely variable, import potential shake
Lever, the operation smooth and seamless.
Damping adjustment: a unique efficient level of vertical damping adjustment stepless
Festival, from the rate increase down smooth, even, no sense of pause.
2 / DV Servo: functional, elegant design, accurate positioning.
Control system: a unique joystick control, to HDV,
Mini DV camera (Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon)
Panasonic 180B can zoom control zoom / focus / iris control.
3/ central control case : DC/AC dual power suplay, sub-control switch, 4 video channels.
Handling and transportation: quick to install, 20 minutes to complete, light weight, convenient transportation.
For: MTV, wedding etiquette, field shooting, special records, advertising and so on.

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