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Slide: seamless technology to produce high quality shock absorber wheel design, sliding more stable, so that more fluid shooting
Product Type
Product Description
Stainless steel slide
Stainless steel rail: 12M × 2
Tube thickness: 2mm;
Since weight: 20kg;
Maximum loading: 200kg;
Composition: 6 groups of straight pipe, pipe 3 groups;
Spacing: 618mm;
Loading capacity: 150kg;
Size: 1000mm Ⅹ 765mm;
Wheels: 4;
Each group: 4 (unique damping mute round)

Flexible slide
Flexible rail
Color: Black
Since weight: 15kg;
Maximum loading: 150kg;
Marked with: 12m Ⅹ 2
Triangle rail cars
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black;
Wheels: three groups or four groups;
Round: 6 or 8 (a unique shock mute)
Since weight: 12kg;
Maximum loading: 85kg;









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