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DP Series Rocker
DP Series Rocker: DP9 m / DP10 m / DP12 m
Design Concept: sub-arm round, and huge tripod-shaped wheel, international standard modules
Manufacturing, shooting light and smooth and stable.
Electronic control system: 1 / slip-ring electric control head: slip-ring to achieve horizontal and vertical rotation unlimited
System; import low-speed motor, bearing 18KG.
Control handle: horizontal, vertical, infinitely variable, import potential shake Lever, the operation smooth and seamless.
Damping adjustment: a unique efficient level of vertical damping without level adjustment, since
Rate increases down smooth, even, no sense of pause.
2 / Digital Servo: functional, elegant design, digital display, accurate positioning, 9 speed.
Control system: a unique joystick control, the focus, zoom, iris, etc. set in a regulation.
Bidentate configuration: full application to all types of professional Canon cameras, Fuji lens;
3 / Central Control Case: DC / AC dual power supply, sub-control switch, 4 video channels.
For: MTV, special records, advertising, evening performances, 1,000 square meters within the studio.
Product Type Forearm length After The Arm Length Arm Body Sessions Shooting The Highest Degree Of High Tripod Head Bearing
JMD-YB-DP9000A 6.8m 2.2m 6 7.9m 1.5m 18kg
JMD-YB-DP10000 8.3m 2.2m 7 9.1m 1.5m 18kg
JMD-YB-DP12000 9.8m 2.2m 8 10.2m 1.5m 18kg

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