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Superconductivity control system: Innovative slip-ring technology, numerical control servo positioning accuracy. Round configuration, application of multiple shooting techniques.

Electronic control system:
1 / slip-ring electric control head: slip-ring to achieve horizontal and vertical rotation limit; import low-speed motor.
Control handle: horizontal, vertical, infinitely variable, import potential rocker, smooth and smooth operation.
Damping adjustment: a unique efficient level of vertical damping without level adjustment, since
Rate increases down smooth, even, no sense of pause.
2 / Digital Servo: functional, elegant design, digital display, accurate positioning, 9 speed.
Control system: a unique joystick control, the focus, zoom, adjust the set to an aperture.
Bidentate configuration: full application to all types of professional Canon cameras, Fuji lens;
3/ Central Control Case: DC / AC dual power supply, sub-control switch, 4 video channels.
Product Type
Product Description
Professional slip-ring electric control head
1/ arms structure;
2/ slip-ring technology: horizontal, vertical unlimited rotation;
3/ Japanese original motor;
4/ bearing 18KG within the camera;
5/ horizontal, vertical, non-adjustable damping;
6 / hanging, Ding set two installation mode, for a variety of scenes needs;
Professional CNC servo system
1/ for all Canon, Fuji professional lens;
2/ figures adjust the display: zoom / focus / iris control
3/ joystick control, the focus, zoom, iris, etc. set in a regulation.



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