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Size 12.7X10.6X3.5 cm Weight 0.27KG
Box Size 25X17.5X7 cm Weight 0.72kg
MEAS 51X38X38cm(16KG) Weight 15.4KG(20PCS)
Accessories 5V1APower,S-video cable,Av cable,Manual
Introduction This converter box is designed to convert HDMI to either Composite Video or S-Video. It allows the devices only equipped HDMI output to be connected to CRT TV. It is mostly applied in AV equipment testing.

Size 12.7X10.6X3.5cm Weight 0.27KG
Box Size 25X17.5X7cm Weight 0.62KG
MEAS 51X39X40cm(16kg) Weight 12.1KG(20pcs)
Accessories 5V2APower,Manual
Introduction LKV363 RCA Composite video and S-video to HDMI Scaler takes either Composite Video or S-Video as input and converts it to HDMI 1080P. It allows older analog devices to be integrated into HD home theater system.
Size 10X6.1X2.6 cm Weight 0.09KG

Box Size
20.5X15.5X7cm Weight 0.4KG
Weight 7.8KG(20pcs)
Accessories 5V1APower,S-VIDEO Cable,Video Cable,Manual
Introduction FLY7503W RCA Composite and S-Video to VGA Converter, which supports 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 wide screen with output VGA resolution up to WSXGA 1680x1050! Suitable for connection of DVD, STB, DVR, etc. to PC monitor. With 3 decoding function, the picture after conversion output from VGA is with high definition and effect.

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