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Image Technical Specifications:
  • Double 4-Wire Interface
  • It matches standard 600 ohm transmit/receive lines
  • It can Independently connect with two CCUs
  • The panel setting of TF-204 is simple
Dimensions: 19"(W)x1.75"(H)x4.96"(D) or 483mmx44.5mmx126mm
Weight: 2.0KG

UTS-200 Two Channel Speaker Station

SPK-200 is a two channel two-wire desktop station. All its operations can be finished on panel easily.
Features like Ann. output, program input, Remote Microphone kill Switch (RMK),Sidetone Null adjustment,XLR and 1/4 inch compatible panel microphone jack, automatic circuit short protection and indication.

Dimensions:10.75”(W)x3.48”(H)x8.46”(D),273mm x 88.5mm x 215mm









Technical Specifications

BK-500 is for MS-500. Tally Light, RMK

1.Microphone Amplifier(From Microphone to Line)
    Dynamic Headset Mic impedance: 200 ohm
    Voltage Gain: 44±3dB
    Harmonic Distortion:<1%(1000Hz)
2. Headphone Amplifier(From Line to Load)
     Load impedance: 50-600 ohm
     Voltage Gain: 31±3dB
     Harmonic Distortion:<2%(1000Hz)
3. Power Requirements
     24V DC,60mA±10mA
     Power Range:12-30V DC
4. Environment
5. Dimension
     High:105mm ,Wide:87mm , Deep:48mm


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