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Product Description

The led light magic arm monitor do not include 

Length Hand Grips approx. 13cm
Width max. approx. 15.5cm
Total Length max. approx. 48cm
Weight approx. 0.71 kg
Connection Quick-Release Plate 1/4 inch
Material ABS
Load Capacity approx. 8kg

According to the distance of the rail 60 mm according to the timetable of 15 mm rail

Follow Focus Weight: 340g follow focus, matte box fit, fit the lens of the size of 77 mm to 43 mm to 86 mm lensdiameter of 52 mm from
Rod Size: 15mm × 183 (H) cage size: 195 × 138 x80mm
Ideal for filmmakers amateur photographer / professional and
1X carry handle;; 1x aluminum rod of 2x15 mm matte box; 1x Follow Focus; 1x Cage Package:

Product Description

mattebox M3+Follow Focus M3+ RL04 shoulder mount FEATURES :

•Works with dslr/dv cameras including hvx200, dvx100, xm1, xm2, pd150, pd170, z1u, A1u, z7u, 5d, 7d, t2i, 550d, gh1, fx1, d90 and other similar camcorders.

•Counter weight for maximum stability and minimizing exhaustion..

•Height adjustment for using various type of cameras.

•Telescopic Handles

•Tripod Mounting Feature



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