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Dolly Kit Skater D1
1,The loading platform is constructed of high grade aluminum
2,Ride smoothly on 60mm high quality rubber/plastic compound wheels
3,The platform has one 1/4 male thread,and 1/4-20 female threads

Weight of 500 g, the loading capacity of 8 kg
20 *13 * 3.5  cm

1/4 screws in the middle on both sides of the hole is 1/4 screw holes.
To four mini Pulley car
The four mini pulleys car use solid aluminum base plate carrying camera equipment can support SLR cameras and camcorders. Dual-bearing rubber wheels ensure smooth scrolling, and can play a buffer role in the steelaxle load bearing up to 8 kg. Large orbit like smooth screen car looks like from the large Hollywood product.
Soft polyurethane wheels are smooth and quiet movement does not interfere with the shooting sound effects,adjustable wheel angle, shooting different scenes with different track, perfectly smooth track


  • Applicable in a variety of portable professional camera , and 5d2 , 7d, the a55 and other SLR
  • This tabletop dolly is designed to help you create more dynamic tabletop shots, add cool video to your digital skill set, or just make it easy for you to do your own creative projects using a hand-held HD camcorder, video-ready DSLR, or professional video camera.
  • Material:Steel + plastic
  • Net weight 0.98kg ,
  • Maximum loading capacity of 10kg

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