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U disk card applies to all signs,stores,vehicle-mounted, outdoor advertising and other places display
U disk transmission can no need set cables, high cost-effective
Add button count,button chronograph function
Increase text font rotation function, support 90°,180°, And 270°rotation
Support USB-RF module, future will increases USB-WIFI, USB-GPRS module
Increase request money function and lock screen parameters function


Support real time preview, partitions can overlap
Support real time Partition (secondary development)
It max supports up to 32 gray level
Support partitioned background
Support time, including timed cycle
U disk can also support common Smart settings


U disk can modify the content

Support a variety of commonly used scanning
U disk can support modify content, modify screen parameter and timing, and three files are separated one
Support temperature, humidity, brightness, remote control, etc.(U6A not support),the remote control support to select 1-9999 program to play
Support 7-color display, the new upgraded sixth generation card, support gradation, and regional overlap


Software is simple, controllable 

Support the guide to create screen
Support lock screen parameters
No need IP settings, software interface is simple and easy to operate




User-friendly design

Different price level, different control range, flexible choice
Support a variety of interfaces, support Smart settings
Changeable width and height pixels, can be arbitrary switching

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