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C10(384*256)、C30(640*480)two models;   
Max support 100 or 300 thousand pixels LED display;
Sending and receiving system all-in-one card specialized in small display;
Support Cascade receiving cards to achieve Syn display effect;
Support 3G/4G/WIFI Internet management.

High cost-effective Asyn controller card

Sending and receiving system all-in-one card is the highest cost-effective
As to High requirements occasion,it can cascade receiving card to archive synchronous card display effects
Suitable for advertising, light boxes screen, outdoor advertising screens, etc
equipped audio output, easy to play video ads


All upgraded to stronger compared   

Display effect optimized, the refresh rate doubled     
25 seconds Quick start without interval after optimized
Increase cascade function, display better, easy to connect one cabinet with one card
New features: SWF animation, neon lights, animated characters, network weather
Memory upgrade to 4GB ultra-large capacity with faster transmission rate
Increase onboard 3G / 4G / WIFI module, easy to archive wireless remote control management


Internet cloud management   

Through WiFi, 3G, 4G module easy access to the Internet
Affiliated freely to our cloud management server: clouds.huidu.cn
Register an account to operate by login web browser
Anytime and anywhere,archive multiple displays unified management
Multi-level rights management, program publication after review

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