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A30(sending+receiving system), A30+(sending card), two models;
Max support 500 thousand pixels LED display;
Support HD video hard decode;
Support 3G/4G/WIFI Internet management.



Asyn large display sending card

Support 1024*512(500 thousand)pixels full color big display
Suitable for community information screens, small spacing advertising, outdoor advertising vehicles and so on
A30 is sending card + receiving card infrastructure, can save a receiving card
The length and width of A30+ control range is adjustable: 1024 * 512,2048 * 256, 512 * 1024


High-definition video hardware decoding   

A9 1GHz CPU, 4Gb capacity, the smoothest video playback
Support 1080P HD video hard decode,excellent video effect
4GB ultra-large capacity,MAX support to store 4-hour HD video files
Support import video by U-disk directly, play and plug





Internet cloud management   

Through WiFi, 3G, 4G module easy access to the Internet
Affiliated freely to our cloud management server: clouds.huidu.cn
Register an account to operate by login web browser
Anytime and anywhere,archive multiple displays unified management
Multi-level rights management, program publication after review

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